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M.O.G Men of God Ministry

At Christ Sanctuary, we are proud to present an experienced team of men of god ministry, who are dedicated to creating a holy and sacred atmosphere of worship. They strive to provide a spiritual, uplifting and comforting environment for all who enter.

Women in Action Ministry

We are particularly proud of our Women in Action Ministry which seeks to empower and encourage women from all walks of life to lead with heart and soul.

Usher Board Ministry

Come and join the amazing team at Christ Sanctuary! Our usher board is here to welcome you with open arms and provide you with an enriching and spiritual environment. We strive to ensure that everyone attending our church feels safe, comfortable, and part of our spiritual family.

Deacon Ministry

Our church is led by a dedicated Deacons who works tirelessly to bring the community closer to God. We are on a mission to spread the word of the Lord.

Feed The Homeless Ministry

. We are passionate about our mission to serve our community, and this is evidenced through our Feed the Homeless ministry, where we provide meals and resources to those in need. We are proud to be a place of connection and love, and we hope you consider joining us.

Children's Ministries

We are proud of our children's ministries, which provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and explore the Bible and its teachings. We strive to create a strong foundation of faith and values that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Finance Ministries

We are thrilled to introduce our talented finance ministry team. Committed to their mission to spread the word of God, this team is dedicated to creating strong financial stewardship in our church and beyond.

Media Ministries

Christ Sanctuary is a church that seeks to bring people closer to God through powerful and uplifting worship services. We strive to provide an atmosphere of peace and acceptance, as well as a loving and caring community. Our music ministry is one of the most important aspects of our church, and we are proud to have members with a variety of musical backgrounds and talents.

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